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  • Writer's pictureM. Renae Dubois


There's something I should tell you

I didn't do it alone

I went to my old doctor asking

Can my pills you hone

The ones I'm on cause weight gain

So he gave me something else

Another antipsychotic

The difference it was felt

I became somewhat obsessed with

My diet and exercise

I existed on pink protein shakes

To nourish and to thrive

I joined the gym and walked the board

For an hour or two each day

And I'd check my weight each morning

Didn't need to pray

The weight fell off and I toned right up

And for something special too

I got laser hair removal

And a lively new hairdo

That was totally misguided

The year of losing weight

I mean I'm glad that I did do it

And didn't leave it up to fate

But the pills they did, most certainly,

Have a strong effect

On my psyche at this point

My hormones it did wreck

The next year began and I was at

The weight I'd always wanted

It was time for me to get a life,

Social and romantic 

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