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  • Writer's pictureM. Renae Dubois

Helen Horton and husband, et al

I don't know what you want from me, you're confusing me to bits

I think that your hypocrisy is giving me the shits

You say that you don’t like it when I spend money on a dress

But you take all of your income and place it on a bet

If you want me to be serious then we'll have to have a talk

Coz I'm telling you my darling I'm about to fuckin walk

I will not be a widow while my husband’s still alive

And I won't be made dependant on the government to survive

Not if I can help it there's got to be a way

But first we need to set aside our meagre weekly pay

We can't afford to gamble we can't afford to bet

We're not going to win the lotto, I'm not going to give you head

Understand something, my darling, you are a father now

And we have to teach our children how to build a true cash cow

We have a role, the both of us, to stick to a basic plan

Of moving forward mutually and having cash in hand


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