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  • Writer's pictureM. Renae Dubois


Who am I really being

Within this special place

I've got a unique unit

On the walls a pretty face

It's a picture that I painted

People ask if it's really me

All my portraits have a touch

Of my reality

There's the diva and the sad girl

The loving mother, had to stretch

The truth a little bit there

Don't know that calm soft touch

There's males and females too

But I am not in some confusion

I draw on talents near and far

And in my belly fuse them

So I do not have a portrait

Of myself, I'd have to use

A photo of me but

Then I'd have to prove

My worth as a good worker

Cod I'm not so very hot

My boyfriend would disagree but

I feel that I'm not

I guess my self belief comes

From a place that is quite hazy

A knowledge that I can complete

The day though I'm so lazy

My self esteem is stinging

From the negative things I've heard

Insults and corrections

That make me feel like dirt

I know I am a strong woman

I know that that is sexy

I know that I can paint a bit

And get down some lovely poetry

I have a sense of style

But not the money to create

I know that shouldn't hamper me

But it does this very date 


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