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  • Writer's pictureM. Renae Dubois

An eye on you

Jordan is a mother

To a small and skinny lad

He's playing by the pond

In his little shirt in mango plaid

Her eyes are on this little one

She's keeping him in sight

She has however moved on

To the street to get a light

Little Ethan has a flower

And he's bringing it yo mum

No, not that way, boy

Says his dad, and grabs his nappied bum

Your mama's got a smoke now

You know to stay away

Relieved she looks at both of them

And waves the smoke away

It was a jaunt they like to take

Together as a family

The father plans his hours with them

Ahead of time and carefully

Jordan looks at this special man

Feels her heart, it skips a beat

She's going to have to invite him back

To have something to eat

Her eyes dilate, she pushes the

Butt into its ashtray

Got to give this slick crap up.

If I want him to stay.


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