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Disappointment and Uncertainty

Disappointment and Uncertainty

Disappointment and uncertainty are the words that spring to mind I'm standing on the top step of this unit, hard to find

I gather my coat around me, knock upon the door A voice inside alerts me, that yes, I have been heard

The moon was not far up yet, it was early in the night The wind picked up and a siren blared, giving me a fright

Suddenly the door opened and my client stood there staring A bearded man with shaggy hair, beer in hand, he's leering

He's scratching his ass while assessing me, checking out my figure He's naturally skinny and I admit I'm somewhat bigger

I can tell that he is wondering if it was worth the while Of ringing a professional girl who comes out with this style

Over forty and overweight, I work for every dollar I wish I'd had the confidence when I was so much younger

He decides not to waste his Viagra and invites me to come in It's not much for that I grant you, but it's definitely a win.


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