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  • Writer's pictureM. Renae Dubois


I'd really like to study

Delve into the past

I want to know who thought of it

And how long did it last

I want to examine relationships

People from before

How they went about

Expressing their amour

I'll have to learn of conflict

That's all part of it

The women who may inspire the fight

And the men who do conflict

The fashion of the times will tell

More of trade and tribute

The designers and the merchants

Who bring it and contribute

I'm interested in the writing

What has come before

The parchment tells us one view

Archaeology says much more

I just need to get a picture

A firm and real hold

Of the community that I live in

Within which I try to mould

A more realistic perspective

Of what is expected of me

And then I can find comfort

In acting uniquely 


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